1) Know who your target audience is Creating an online course is just like starting a business: You need to figure out WHO loves what you’re doing and find a way to better SERVE them through your online course.Perhaps you already offer offline courses in the classroom environment? Think about who you’re currently offering these courses to. Put yourself in the shoes of the end-user. For example, what skills would they hope to learn during your
Estimated reading time: 3-5minutes “Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time.”– Chinese proverb 1) Your location is preventing growth Scenario: Let’s put yourself in your potential Client’s shoes. They receive your email campaign for an excellent course that you are providing. Said course is going to be offered for 2 days in New York. Potential Downfalls: Your Client lives in California, and would have to fly across the country
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May 4, 2019

PayPal Payment Integration

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What is PayPal?  PayPal is an international payment 3rd Party service used by Pluto Education to allow for course payments and automated enrolments.   How to turn on PayPal Enrolment?  In order to turn on PayPal, please ensure that “Self Enrolment” and “Guest Access” is turned off. Turn off other methods by clicking on the eye icon as shown below. The methods will also be faded in grey showing that they are not active.  How to Set Course Price
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“WILL ONLY THE RICH BE ABLE TO GET HIGHER LEVEL EDUCATIONS FROM EXPENSIVE PRIVATELY RUN COLLEGES?” With the extremely high overheads that South African universities are having to cover, are these institutions destined to go bankrupt over the next few years? Where will South African students find alternative forms of education if massive institutions like the University of Cape Town shut down? Will only the rich be able to get higher level educations from expensive
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January 23, 2017


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“OF THE 828 020 NSC MATRICULANTS, ONLY 162 374 QUALIFIED FOR UNIVERSITY…” Universities will re-open their doors across the country within the next month or two. Unfortunately for many, there’s not enough space to accommodate all those who have applied. Some Stats To put this into perspective, according to EWN, there are only just over 54 000 spaces available for new applicants at the country’s top seven universities. In 2016, according to Sowetan Live, 828 020
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