E-Learning Features

Enhance your Learning Management System with these online learning tools


  • Multiple choice
  • True or false
  • Missing words
  • Calculated math
  • Short or long answer (text)
  • Drag and drop into image
  • Drag and drop into text
  • and more!

Save hundreds of hours and let your system automatically mark submitted quizzes for you. This is particularly useful if you have 1000s on users on your system.

File Uploads

  • PDF
  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Images
  • Videos
  • and more!

Simply drag and drop files into your course to upload them.

Post Links (URLS)

  • Open new tab
  • Automatic link
  • Popup box
  • Reference external sites
  • Enhance course content 
  • Redirect users around your own site

Embed Videos

Seamlessly integrated with YouTube and Vimeo.

When you embed videos into your site they will fit the screen size of most devices.

Upload Images

The system allows you to upload any images to your courses.

When you upload images, it adjusts to all screen sizes.

Folder Management

Easily manage all your course files in folders.

Simply drag and drop your desktop folders into your course for bulk upload.


Upload existing e-books into your course.

Use the provided tools to create your own interactive e-books on your site.

Allow your users to export e-books from your courses.

Online page creation

Use our online text editor and create dynamic online pages within your course. (It’s like using Microsoft Word) 

Bring your pages to life with embedded images and videos.

Forums / Q&As

Allow your course participants to interact with one another to discuss various topics.

Provide your users the opportunity to ask and answer questions to engage with course content.


Set due dates on your course assignments and the system will automatically sync with your users’ calendars.

Allow your users to submit their assignments online. Set word limits, or create file templates which they can use.

Online marking

Mark your user submissions paperlessly using our online marking tools. 

Assess your users online, return a grade and have the results automatically captured in your grade book.

Site News / Blogs

Have an important message for your users? Easily notify them with site wide or course specific announcements.

Easily create a blog on your site.

Feedback / Surveys

Gather valuable feedback from your users and allow the system to automatically tally results and present them to you.

Easily create surveys on your system and gather user data. The system will automatically record the results for you.

Chat Rooms

Allow your users to interact in real time to engage with the course presenter or fellow peers

Stay in control of your users permissions and privacy in chat rooms.

Online Lessons

Integrate quizzes and content and control how your user progresses through a lesson.

You may only want your user to progress through a lesson by first getting a question correct. If your user does not get the question correct, you can direct them to content which can assist them. 

User Leaderboards (Gamification)

Allow your users to collect points the more they interact with your site.

Decide how many points each level is required and keep your users entertained. 

Choices / Polls

Setup a quick poll for your users to gather results for a popular choice or outcome.

The system will automatically tally your users selections and display the outcome to you.

Online Workshop

Allow your users to form groups and work on collective submissions.

Your users can submit their own work and then receive a number of submissions from other users on your system which they must assess according to the course presenter’s specifications.

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