Site Management Features

Your site will seamlessly manage your users and records all in one place.

Track User Logs and Site Activity

Understand your user activity by being able to track every action on your site. Logs include:

  • Login and logout times
  • User clicks
  • Time spent on activities
  • User location 
  • and lots more!

The system will automatically collect and summarize your site statistics and display them graphically. Stats include:

  • Activity by user role
  • Course activity 
  • Site visits
  • and more!

Gradebook / Assessment Functionality

The system will automatically capture course results and display them in the gradebook.

Bulk upload existing grades or export your site’s gradebooks for auditing purposes.

When your users complete course activities, your system will automatically capture their results and record them in the course gradebook. Each user can also see results from all their courses in one centralized location.

Course Completion Certificates

Easily create custom course certificates and store templates for site wide usage.

Reward your users with course certificates when they complete a course.

Track User Course Dedication

This allows to you to see the dedication time of your users to a course.

Every time that a user accesses a page, a log entry is stored.

The system analyses a session duration through the elapsed time between the first and the last click of the session.

Automate User Re-engagement

If configured, your system will remind your users about your course so that you can keep them engaged.

Your system will provide a way for you to remind students to return to the course and complete activities.

An email is sent for a specified period of time after a starting event so that users can be reminded of your course.

Smarts are built into the system so that if a user has already completed the activity, no email will be sent. 

GDPR Compliant Features

Your system provides tools to assist you with GDPR requirements.

Your system allows you to integrate your own privacy policy and any other policies you may have.

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