System Features

We provide you with easy to use tools to seamlessly manage your courses and users.

Multiple device sign-on

Allow your users to access their course material from anywhere, at anytime. 

Your users will have one site profile which they can login to from any mobile, PC or tablet. 

Users can register for your site in various ways. To learn more, click here.

Mobile friendly website

Your screen size will adjust to suit most mobile devices.

Allow your users to participate on site activities conveniently from their mobile devices.

Use Excel

  • Bulk upload users
  • Create courses
  • Update user profiles
  • and more!
  • Export user grades
  • Export user information
  • Export site logs and activity
  • and more!

Manage private files

Allow your site admin or users to upload their private files to the site.

A user can upload their personal files to their profile and access them at anytime, from anywhere. These files are private to the user and can’t be access by other users.

Interactive course layouts

Your site will be tailored to your organisation branding. Choose your own logo and colour scheme. 

Get started quickly with our configured course layouts and types. Choose from:

  • Weekly format
  • Topics format
  • Single activity 
  • Social format

Tailored Roles and Permissions

We’ll setup different system roles for your organisation. For example, you may only want course presenters to edit course material, but not be able to other areas on your site.

Site Manager

Highest Rank. Can assign
roles to users and have full

Course Manager

Course Manager can manage
courses and settings, but can’t gain
access to finances.

Finance Manager

Finance Manager can have access
to financial backend, but can’t edit

Course Editor

Course editor can upload
documents, create quizzes and other
e-learning features.


Student can see course content,
but not edit it.

Software Calendar

Set assignment due dates or schedule events on your system.

Your calendar will automatically sync off user submission dates in one central location for you and your users.

Track course participants and course status

Instantly see at a glance who has enrolled into your courses.

Your site will show your users’ course progress conveniently from one central location.

Award badges on system

Set goals and reward your users with site badges for completing various tasks.

Once your user has completed predefined tasks on your system he/she will be awarded a badge for their efforts. These badges are stored on the user profile dashboard.  

Internal Messaging System

Skip having to email your users by using our seamless internal messaging system.

Decide whether or not your want your site users having the ability to message one another. 

Bad Word Filtering

If you turn this on, your system to censor all bad language used on the site.

Protect your users from poor language on your site by defining swear words or other harmful language.

Course Auto Translate

You’ll be able to translate your site or particular courses to suit your targeted audiences. Please note that this excludes the content that you upload to the system. 

We have over 100 translations available. Popular languages include:

  • Spanish 
  • French
  • Italian 
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Afrikaans
  • isiZulu
  • Chinese
  • German

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